About us

shells addict, from passion to quality

I’m Olivier Santini,
and I’m really happy to welcome you
on my website www.shells-addict.com

This website is the realization, of a dream started when i was 11 years old. For Christmas a very good friend of my parents offfered me a big box fulled of shells, founded while he was living in Madagascar, then the story goes !


Later thanks to my flight attendant job, I was able to travel overseas and discovered all the best places to dive and to find shells.


Looking for shells underwater is for me the Holly Grail, nothing is more obsessing than finding THE PIECE.

Then, after passing 10 years in the shell business, I decided, to open this place and share my passion with you.
Putting my own Conus collection for sale, is the best evidence of my desire to sell the best for you.

All the shells are selected for their colors, forms, sizes, and I use my collector’ criterias to offer you the best quality.

I wanted also to thanks my friend Felix Lorenz, for his advises and patience, many thanks for your help during those years !

I wish you an Happy Shelling !


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